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Surface treatments

  • Anodising


    Using special dyes it is possible to colour the anodised layer. Colouring the deposited layer is an additional and optional operation. The only way to discolour the part is by destroying the anodised layer. The anodization treatment is finished when the pores get clogged by the by the hydration of the oxide layer formed.

  • Hard anodization


    The hard anodization system makes it possible to obtain a layer with a thickness of up to 100 μm. The hardness of the layer varies depending on the thickness of the alloy – between 300 and 800 HV for a thickness of the layer of 50 μm. The alloys recommended for anodization are of 5000, 6000 and 7000 series. The 2000 alloy series have a risk of combustion of the parts, due to the fact that the thickness and hardness of its layer are smaller than in the other series. The 2011, 2007 and 2030 alloys are unsuited for the hard anodization treatment.

  • Chromatic surtec 650


    Surtec 650 is a basic product of non-toxic trivalent chromium , which successfully replaces yellow chromate (using hexavalent chrome). It is used for aluminium alloys (and also for laminated parts and for aluminium castings). It is also recommended for pre-treatment for lacquered coatings, soldering and painting in the electrostatic field. Surtec 650 achromatization is is a passivation process of the surface of the aluminium parts ensuring excellent resistance to corrosion up to 100° C.

  • Chemical brightness


    This is a preparatory operation for the anodization treatment, which consists of a chemical attack on the aluminium parts using a mixture of acids. The effect is a partial and preferential dissolution, and the result is a “mirror” surface of the part.

  • Browning


    Chemical browning is a process for the surface oxidation of steels obtained chemically, making it possible to obtain a black appearance.

  • Electrochemical galvanization

  • Hard chrome

  • Phosphating

  • Metallization


    Metallization (nickel, aluminium, copper, steel and stainless steels). Maximum dimensions for the structures: 14000x2000x2000mm.

  • Paint (gun/electrostatic field)

    14000x5000x3000 mm

  • Blasting


    Sandblasting with metallic shots for parts with a maximum dimension of 14000x5000x3000 mm.

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