Mechanical welding of big parts

Mechanical welding of big dimensions parts: chassis machined, mechanized-welded machines, machined welded machine frame, heavy tool carrying structures, heavy applications of high precision.

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Machining of mechanical small parts

With a complete and efficient production equipment, we can meet all our customers’ demands, both for the production of the tools as well as for the complex parts.

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Machining large parts

INOTECH CONSULTING specialises in the sub-contracting of large-scale machining and complex machining of mechanical parts, putting its know-how and experience at the service of the biggest contractors in the industry.

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Metalic structures and sheet metal manufacturing

All types of metalic structures: steel, stainless steel, aluminium and customised projects. Our production means allow us to master most of the manufacturing processes: punching, shearing, nibbling, chipping, forming, stripping, bending, stamping, laser cutting and water jet cutting.

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Mechanical assembly

To meet all of our customers’ demands, we produce complete mechanical sub-assemblies, offering high quality and delivery times at good prices. By hiring us to produce your sub-assemblies and mechanical assemblies, you benefit from a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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In order to guarantee the highest quality and punctual delivery of our orders, we make use of all our know-how and professionalism. Our qualified staff, the mechanical engineers follow-up each order, informing the customer about the progress of each stage, from the supplying of the materials to the delivery and final inspection, through welding, processing, machining and assembly.

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Thermal treatments

The thermal treatments are an important phase of the manufacturing process. Actually, moulded steel parts are most of the time delivered thermally-treated, ready for use before final machining. The essential role of the thermal treatments is to modify the austenitic structure which forms at high temperatures during casting in order to obtain better mechanical performances.

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Surface treatments

A surface treatment is a mechanical, chemical, electrochemical or physical operation which has the consequence of modifying the appearance or the function of the surface of the materials in order to adapt it to given conditions of use. Surface treatments play a prominent role in the field of tribology.

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We deliver by trucks, groupages, oversized transport and also air transports for parcels up to 100 kg.

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INOTECH CONSULTING offers you the benefits of working with a highly skilled team while establishing a strong partnership.